TRX Clock Press

TRX Clock Press

TRX Clock Press - How to do levels 1-3

The clock press, using a TRX, is a great maneuver that requires use of the core (to keep from rotating), chest (to push the body up), lats (to stabilize) and shoulders (mobility).

How to perform a Clock Press

Anchor the TRX above you at 9ft (we have our mounted to the bars). Stand facing away from the wall.  Now this is were it gets tricky, one arm is going to perform a normal chest press, the other arm will elongate (not lock out!) to what looks like a fly position.  Start with one arm going to 3 or 9 on a clock (see why they call it a Clock Press now?) alternate sides.  Level 2 - same mechanics but now the outer arm goes to a 10 or 2 position.  Level 3 - the hands go to 11 and 1.

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TRX Clock Press: