Simple and Sinister Kettlebell workout


Simple and Sinister - Independence Day 2016 Workout

Happy 240th birthday America! In honor of this great county, we are doing what we think is one of the best workouts ever - Pavel's Simple and Sinister workout. This is an elegantly simple and brutally sinister plan. Just 10 kettlebell swings and a Turkish get up on the right and left. Repeat. That is it. In the video I am on my 5th round of this and you can see the sweat all over me, as well as my form getting a bit sub par. Not bad enough to call the workout, not bad enough not to post this. Just enough to show you how effective the workout really is. The weights used in this are 24kg for swings (could have easily gone up to 36kg) and 18kg on TGU (usually use a 24kg, but was geting pretty worn out :P) 

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