TRX Sprinter Start

TRX Sprinter Start

Here we show you how to do the two levels of the sprinter start movement safely and effectively. We are at our corporate wellness facility in Denver CO – equipped with TRX, kettlebells, BOSU and battle ropes. All the fun tools for functional training.

This motion is designed to emulate how a sprinter would start off the blocks. You may not be a sprinter (heck, we are not either!) but you can benefit greatly from this exercise. It requires core strength, proprioception (knowing were you are in space and adjusting accordingly) quad, glute and hamstring strength too.

How to perform a Sprinter Start

Place the TRX straps under your arm pits, hands around the handles. Make sure you are secure in your placement. Take a step back with one leg. Not too far back, just a foot or two will do it. Next drive the knee of that same leg up high. You will feel this in the planted leg. Control the motion back to start. Repeat for time or reps.

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